We recognise that these are difficult times, particularly for elderly and disabled people. We are committed to continuing our support for our community during this time and will do all that we can to ensure that no one who reaches out to us for support is turned away.

Help with life’s essentials

As part of Care’s response to Covid-19 we will continue to provide a dedicated phone number (01784 431031) which is answered by our Duty Officer between 09:00-12:00 on weekdays.

We also have a number of volunteer drivers who can run errands for you so that you can safely self-isolate at home. If you need support picking up groceries or prescriptions, just give our Duty Officer a call (01784 431031).

Transport – we offer volunteer transport to and from NHS appointments including hospitals, dentist and G.P. surgeries. We follow a strict infection control protocol to minimise the risk of infection transmission.

Keeping in touch

We know that many people, especially those who are self-isolating, are at risk of feeling particularly cut off from the world. That’s a horrible feeling and so we will ring round our clients each week to find out how you are getting on and just to have a chat. We call this our phone buddy scheme and many of our clients find it really helpful to chat with one of our friendly volunteers.

About Us

We offer support to elderly and disabled members of our community by running essential errands for food, medication, hospital trips, and more.

Registered charity number: 292702

More About Us

Get In Touch

  • 01784 431031
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